Friday 22 April 2022

ABU PeekABU / Simple Ultra Adult Diaper Review

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The ABU PeekABU is a high absorbency ABDL-focused diaper with a plastic backsheet and printed landing zone. This diaper also comes in an identical form without the print as the ABU Simple Ultras. It’s imported by ABUniverse, which is clearly focused on that market over the incontinence market; not a big fan of the branding but it serves its niche. They make up the top of the ABUniverse plastic-backed line up in terms of absorbency and are only slightly lower than the newer cloth-backed ABU AlphaGatorz or Little Kings but well above the ABU Space or BareBum diapers. In terms of design, it’s remarkably similar to the NorthShore MegaMax with standout features like a thick plastic backsheet and honeycomb-textured padding.

In terms of comfort, this diaper ranks highly, though, like the MegaMax, it’s highly susceptible to initial pooling during a wetting. Its sizing also seems to be a full size smaller than the MegaMax, with the medium ABU PeekABU being equivalent to small MegaMax. Even so, it should consistently take up to 3 wettings before leakage would be a concern. With a very high unit price, this diaper is more of a novelty than one I’d consider for practical purposes. For that reason, I think most will find its primary selling point for the unit cost is the character prints, otherwise there are cheaper more performant diapers like the BetterDry available.

Key Features:

  • White plastic backsheet
  • Printed cartoon landing zone
  • Standing inner leak barriers
  • Dual waistbands
  • Repositionable tapes


  • High level of absorbency
  • Very strong tapes/durable
  • Comfortable padding
  • Very good price/quality ratio


  • Very high unit cost
  • Topsheet pooling
  • Not discreet


Product Details

For the purpose of this post I will be reviewing and referring to the medium-sized ABU PeekABU Diaper. However, other available sizes are listed below:


Brand: ABU (by ABUniverse)
Manufacturer: Weifang Mimosa Personalcare Technology
Origin: China
Units Per Bag: 10
Cost Per Unit: $$$$
Dimensions (L x W x H): 26 cm (10.2") x 17.5 cm (6.9") x 24 cm (9.5")
Weight: 1.98 kg (4.35 lbs)
Available Sizes: M, L, XL, XL+
Advertised Absorbency: 6250 ml

1.1 ABU PeekABU Packaging


Backsheet: Plastic (poly)
Wetness Indicator: No
Standing Inner Leak Guards: Yes
Leg Gathers: Yes
Product Style: Tab-Style Brief
Refastenable Tabs: Yes
Number of Tapes: 2
Repositionable Tabs: Yes
Outer Color: White (playful cartoon on landing zone)
Inner Color: White (bright blue rectangle in middle padding)
Front Waistband: Yes
Rear Waistband: Yes
Folded Thickness: 3 cm (1.2")
Folded Length: 25 cm (9.8")
Dry Weight: 183 g (6.5 oz)
Fragrance: None (slight papery smell)
Diaper Dimensions (L x fW x mW x bW): 78 cm (30.7") x 64 cm (25.2") x 32 cm (12.6") x 62 cm (24.4")
Wing Shape (Front, Rear): Rectangular, Rectangular
Padding Dimensions (L x fW x mW x bW): 66 cm (26") x 31 cm (12.2") x 18 cm (7.1") x 34.5 cm (13.6")
Padding Wing Dimensions (fPW x fPH x bPW x bPH): 6.5 cm (2.6") x 11 cm (4.3") x 8.3 cm (3.3") x 17 cm (6.7")
Padding Wing Shape (Front, Rear): Semicircle, Semicircle
Total Padding Area: 1611 cm2 (250 in2)
Tape Spacing (t1 x t2): 4.5 cm (1.8") x 14 cm (5.5")
Tape (W x L): 4.5 cm (1.8") x 14 cm (5.5")


1.2 ABU PeekABU Diaper

Laboratory Absorbency Tests

Total Absorption Volume (after press out): 2317 ml (81.7 oz)
Total Absorption Volume (before press out): 2417 ml (85.3 oz)
Time to Absorb Wettings (first to last): (51 s, 65 s, 77 s, 87 s, 92 s, 87 s, 85 s, 99 s, 92 s, 110 s)
Wet Folded Thickness: 8 cm (3.2")
Used to Total Padding Ratio: 92%
Total Padding to Absorbency Ratio: 1.44 ml / cm2 (0.33 oz / in2)
Press Out Volume: 100 ml (3.53 oz)

Surface Dampness Rating: 9

The ABU PeekABU has a padding construction that’s very similar to the NorthShore MegaMax and the lab test performance demonstrated this clearly. There was almost no surface dampness apparent until the 4th wetting. However, this comes with a heavy caveat in that the moisture repellent topsheet that does such a great job at preventing moisture from leaking out will also slow its absorption leading to pooling and leaks well before it reaches theoretical absorption.

2.1 Wet vs Dry Diaper After Capacity Test

2.2 Used vs Unused Padding After Capacity Test

"Real World" Absorbency Tests

Posture Tests


Total Absorbed Volume: 1542 ml (54.4 oz)
Total Wettings: (1 standing, 3 sitting)
Leaked After Sitting: No
Used to Total Padding Ratio: 61%
Padding to Absorbency Score: 0.96 ml / cm2 (0.22 oz / in2)

Standing-Sitting Rating: 9
The ABU PeekABU diaper performed strongly in the standing-sitting test. The first wetting while standing was easily absorbed with no sign of leakage. However, there was a substantial amount of momentary pooling before absorption. The second wetting while seated was again quickly and easily absorbed. As expected, there was once again quite a bit of initial pooling but the large padding area and effective leak guard prevented any leakage. At this point there was quite a bit of swelling but the padding remained intact without clumping or tearing. The third wetting was again fully absorbed with no signs of leakage. Aside from the initial pooling the surface dampness wasn’t particularly notable after it was fully absorbed. On the fourth wetting there was considerable pooling at the front of the diaper and it pushed up under the right side resulting in a significant leak below. The ABU PeekABU diaper did absorb a decent amount at this point, comparable to the NorthShore MegaMax and I feel it will generally absorb at least 3 wettings during daily wear. Were it not for the slow absorption rate and tendency for pooling I’m sure it could absorb far more.

Lying Down

Total Absorbed Volume: 1642 ml (57.9 oz)
Total Wettings: 4
Used to Total Padding Ratio: 77%
Padding to Absorbency Score: 1.02 ml / cm2 (0.23 oz / in2)

Lying Down Rating: 9

The ABU PeekABU performed very well when lying down. The first wetting was easily absorbed with no signs of leakage, although there was initial pooling and a lot of moisture rolled off the padding and funneled toward its midsection. Once absorbed there was some swelling but little sign of surface dampness. The second wetting behaved much like the first, a bit slow in the initial absorption with noticeable pooling running across the padding. The shear padding and underlying absorbency was able to handle it no problem. Once absorbed, the padding swelled further but didn’t have the squishiness of others like the Tykables Little Rawrs or Rearz Barnyard. Likewise, the third wetting was absorbed quickly but with a fair amount of initial pooling. It felt as though the front leak guards may be overrun but they held their ground and there was no obvious leakage. On the fourth wetting there was a substantial amount of pooling near the rear leak guards and a small but noticeable amount of leakage out the rear leg gathers before it was fully absorbed. It wasn’t a huge leak, but enough that it would leave the bedding damp. I called the test at that, but this diaper had absorbed an impressive amount by that point, comparable to the BetterDry/Crinlkz or ConfiDry 24/7 diapers. Were it not for the relatively slow absorption rate I’m sure it could have absorbed more, a trait it shares with the NorthShore MegaMax. Overall, I feel this diaper will easily satisfy the needs of bedwetters, comfortably taking at least 3 wettings before leakage might be a concern and I wouldn’t be surprised if some find it will last up to 5 wettings when lying down.


2.3 Pattern of Used vs Unused Padding Test Stand/Sit (right) Lying Down (left)

Daily Wear and Bedwetting

The ABU PeekABU is a full featured diaper and performed well when it came to both daily wear and bedwetting. It’s very similar, but not identical to the NorthShore MegaMax. It has the same dense honeycomb padding texture, a very similar thick plastic landing zone and the same incredibly adhesive tapes. The plastic backsheet is generally similar to many of the other ABDL imports from China, with a smooth but “heavy” feel to it. Where it differs from the MegaMax is mainly in sizing, the medium-sized ABU PeekABU fits nearly the same as the small-sized MegaMax. In fact in terms of padding area the ABU PeekABU was slightly smaller and also had a smaller waistband. In spite of that, this diaper did prove a little more absorbent than the small-sized NorthShore MegaMax, so it likely had a little more packed into its padding. By far my greatest complaint with both diapers is that they are highly susceptible to moisture pooling and this causes them to leak well short of their theoretical absorbency. When worn during daily wear this would certainly be an issue if wet while seated, with pooled moisture likely to overrun the leak guards. When standing or walking you may find it can handle a few more wettings as the pooling will eventually be absorbed if no pressure is applied for long enough. Once it is absorbed, it does a great job at resisting surface dampness and avoiding pressout. During daily wear, it should be good for at least 3 wettings before leakage. The pooling problems are about the same when worn for bed wetting. I expected it to be less of an issue in this instance because gravity usually takes moisture to the rear padding and there’s less pressure in general. Yet, it still seemed to pool near the rear leg gathers and with a significant amount of unused rear padding. Again, I feel this diaper would be good for up to 3 wettings when lying down but after that you’d have to be careful. It will leak far sooner if you’re a side-sleeper. Generally, this should be enough for most bedwetting needs if you aren’t deterred by the cost.

Suitability for Bowel Incontinence: 8

The ABU PeekABU has all the features you should need when dealing with bowel incontinence. The plastic-backsheet will resist odors and waistbands/inner leak guards should keep things contained. It has a generous amount of rear padding. That said, it still suffers from moisture pooling and for this reason I can’t quite give it a perfect score as it may leak sooner than expected.

Wear & Tear Tests


The ABU PeekABU features a white plastic backsheet with tapes and a printed landing zone. The landing zone contains playful printed characters that can help with placement. The tapes are wide and of a strongly adhesive material that is highly unlikely to become detached. The tapes are both refastenable and repositionable so can be removed and reapplied multiple times.


3.1 ABU PeekABU Fastener

Ease-of-Use Rating: 9

The ABU PeekABU is a user-friendly diaper. It’s easy to get a snug fit with the strong tapes and dual waistbands. It’s fairly easy to detach and reattach, though the tapes hold so strongly it may be an issue for those with a weakened grip. I give this diaper a slight edge over the NorthShore MegaMax for ease of use mainly because the character prints in the landing zone make it slightly easier to get a consistent fit. However, it may not be the best in a caregiver setting, because it lacks a wetness indicator. Moreover, the bag doesn't have easy tear seams, but I didn't count that against it. Aside from that, I can’t find any significant faults in this diaper and it certainly earns a high ease-of-use rating.

3.2 ABU PeekABU Diaper Fit


Comfort Rating (dry): 9

The ABU PeekABU is quite comfortable in its dry state. Its padding initially starts off somewhat firm, though not uncomfortably so, but actually softens a bit with wear. The backsheet plastic is a bit thick and not quite as soft as the Forma-Care X-Plus or Tena Slip Active Fit Ultima, but smooth and not prone to chafing. The stiff plastic landing zone is probably the greatest detraction from what otherwise is a very comfortable diaper. In terms of consistency, the dry padding won’t clump or tear and it has a generous amount of coverage. As expected, this diaper performed very similarly to the NorthShore MegaMax when it came to dry comfort, it’s not the most comfortable on the market but certainly among the top performers.

Comfort Rating (wet): 10

The ABU PeekABU is very comfortable when wet and again very similar to the NorthShore MegaMax. It does have some issues with pooling on the initial wetting, but once absorbed surface dampness isn’t much of an issue as the topsheet is very effective at locking in moisture. Like the MegaMax, the tapes hold up exceptionally well and sagging is not an issue. It also differs from the Rearz Barnyard Elite Hybrid or Bambino Karnevalee in that the padding remains relatively firm when wet. Moreover, even though the padding swells considerably it doesn’t clump or tear and actually becomes a bit softer when wet, similar to the BetterDry/Crinklz or NorthShore Supreme.

3.3 ABU PeekABU Topsheet and Backsheet


Dry Padding Deterioration Proportion: 13.7% (topsheet), 18.1% (backsheet)
Shake Deterioration Test: 2 shakes to deterioration

Durability Rating (dry): 8
The ABU PeekABU has some of the strongest tapes on the market and performed very well when it came to dry durability. There was little in the way of padding clumping or tearing, though there was a bit of padding collapse between the legs. This diaper retained a snug fit throughout testing and if it could be worn discreetly would be excellent for daily wear. Moreover, the padding retains a good grip on the backsheet. It’s not quite up there with the NorthShore Supreme or Drylife SlipSuper in this regard, but still among better products on the market in terms of durability.

Durability Rating (wet): 9

The ABU PeekABU was again almost identical to the NorthShore MegaMax when it came to wet durability. The padding retains a reasonable degree of firmness even when wet and I never noticed any significant signs of clumping or tearing when wet. The tapes are also incredibly strong and will hold a significant amount of weight. I feel this diaper would be well suited for daily wear in terms of durability, though it’s very thick and discretion would be more of a concern.

3.4 ABU PeekABU Dry Test Deterioration

Discretion Tests


Front Rise Above Waistline (Jeans, Sweatpants): 4 cm (1.6"), 5 cm (2")
Back Rise Above Waistline (Jeans, Sweatpants): 6.5 cm (2.6"), 7.5 cm (3")
Side Rise Above Waistline (Jeans, Sweatpants): 5 cm (2"), 6 cm (2.4")

Profile Discretion Rating: 5

The ABU PeekABU is a large diaper and presents with a clear diaper bulge at the front and rear. It has very strong tapes and a relatively snug fit, so it’s quite resistant to sagging and that does help with its profile presence. On the other hand, the printed characters on the front are anything but discrete and will be obvious if seen under clothing. I’d generally avoid wearing this diaper for going out as it will require a lot of work to conceal.

4.1 ABU PeekABU Jeans Profile (left) vs Normal Underwear (right)

4.2 ABU PeekABU Sweats Profile (left) vs Normal Underwear (right) 


Noise Rating: 5

The ABU PeekABU isn’t the noisiest diapers on the market, helped by the relatively firm padding that resists separating from the backsheet. Yet, like the Forsite AM/PM or NorthShore MegaMax, its primary source is the thick crinkly plastic landing zone on the front. The tapes also produce a lot of noise when removed thanks to very strong adhesiveness.

4.3 ABU PeekABU Noise Profile

Odor Reduction

Odor Reduction Rating: 8
The ABU PeekABU performed well when it came to odor reduction. I rarely noticed odors from this diaper, largely owing to its construction and moisture repellent topsheet. I don’t think it’s quite in the ranks of the best in this regard but still ranks highly.

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