Tuesday 22 June 2021

Attends Slip Regular Plus 10 Adult Diaper Review

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The Attends Slip Regular Plus 10 is a premium plastic-backed European adult diaper that’s worlds apart from its North American equivalents. It comes at the top range of absorbance for Attends products in Europe, similar to where the Attends Premier Briefs fit in the North American market. This is the only fully plastic-backed diaper in the European line of Attends products and has a lot of similarities to the Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi.

In terms of comfort this diaper is one of the best and in terms of absorbance it can reliably take 2~3 wettings. It has a discreet profile, but the backsheet does produce a fair amount of noise. I feel this diaper is somewhat underrepresented in the world of premium adult diapers. In terms of pricing it’s only a little more than the Abena Delta-Form M3, but this is a much better diaper. If you can find a supplier, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Key Features:

  • Plastic-backing
  • Refastenable tapes
  • Rear waistband
  • Standing inner leak barriers


  • Snug/comfortable design
  • Great absorbency/wicking
  • Highly durable
  • Very odor resistant


  • Tapes feel a bit weak
  • Can be tough to find

Product Details

For the purpose of this post I will be reviewing and referring to the medium-sized Attends Slip Regular Plus 10 Adult Diaper. However, other available sizes are listed below:


Brand: Attends
Manufacturer: Attends Healthcare AB
Origin: EU
Units Per Bag: 14
Cost Per Unit: $$$
Dimensions (L x W x H): 30 cm (11.8") x 19 cm (7.5") x 24 cm (9.5")
Weight: 2.0 kg (4.4 lbs)
Available Sizes: M,L,XL
Advertised Absorbency: Regular Plus

1.1 Attends Slip Regular Plus Packaging


Backsheet: Plastic (Poly)
Wetness Indicator: Yes (blue hash symbols down middle, disappear when wet)
Standing Inner Leak Guards: Yes
Leg Gathers: Yes
Product Style: Tab-Style Brief
Refastenable Tabs: Yes
Number of Tapes: 2
Repositionable Tabs: No
Outer Color: White
Inner Color: White
Front Waistband: No
Rear Waistband: Yes
Folded Thickness: 2.3 cm (0.91")
Folded Length: 25 cm (9.84")
Dry Weight: 142 g (5.01 oz)
Fragrance: None
Diaper Dimensions (L x fW x mW x bW): 79 cm (31.1") x 63 cm (24.8") x 28 cm (11") x 59 cm (23.2")
Wing Shape (Front, Rear): Rectangular, Rectangular
Padding Dimensions (L x fW x mW x bW): 64 cm (25.2") x 27 cm (10.6") x 20 cm (7.9") x 31 cm (12.2")
Padding Wing Dimensions (fPW x fPH x bPW x bPH): 3.5 cm (1.4") x 15 cm (5.9") x 5.5 cm (2.2") x 19 cm (7.5")
Padding Wing Shape (Front, Rear): Semicircle, Semicircle
Total Padding Area: 1594 cm2 (247 in2)
Tape Spacing (t1 x t2): 7 cm (2.7") x 19 cm (7.5")
Tape (W x L): 2.5 cm (1") x 5 cm (2")


1.2 Attends Slip Regular Plus Diaper

Laboratory Absorbency Tests

Total Absorption Volume (after press out): 1275 ml (40 oz)
Total Absorption Volume (before press out): 1300 ml (40.9 oz)
Time to Absorb Wettings (first to last): (58 s, 41 s, 41 s, 41 s, 49 s)
Wet Folded Thickness: 6 cm (2.36")
Used to Total Padding Ratio: 83%
Total Padding to Absorbency Ratio: 0.71 ml / cm2 (0.16 oz / in2)
Press Out Volume: 25 ml (0.88 oz)

Surface Dampness Rating: 8
The Attends Slip Regular Plus performed impressively in terms of surface dampness with little measurable dampness until the 3rd wetting in the lab test. This performance was confirmed during real world testing where a single wetting would be completely absorbed and barely noticeable and even second wettings didn’t feel particularly damp.

2.1 Wet vs Dry Diaper After Capacity Test

2.2 Used vs Unused Padding After Capacity Test

"Real World" Absorbency Tests

Posture Tests


Total Absorbed Volume: 1333 ml (47 oz)
Total Wettings: 2 (1 standing, 2 sitting)
Leaked After Sitting: No
Used to Total Padding Ratio: 100%
Padding to Absorbency Score: 0.84 ml / cm2 (0.19 oz / in2)

Standing-Sitting Rating: 8
The Attends Slip Regular Plus easily absorbed the first wetting while standing with no indication of leakage when sitting shortly afterwards. There was very little surface dampness observed on the first wetting and it quickly subsided. The second wetting while seated was also absorbed quickly, there was a little surface dampness to start but the leak guards did an excellent job at containing it until it was fully absorbed. The diaper continued to feel comfortable in the wet state. On the third wetting a substantial amount of moisture pushed up the front of the diaper and through the side panels, from there it leaked. Overall, feel this diaper can handle 2~3 wettings during daily wear with a high confidence for 2 wettings without leakage, less so for 3.

Lying Down

Total Absorbed Volume: 1158 ml (40.9 oz)
Total Wettings: 4
Used to Total Padding Ratio: 91%
Padding to Absorbency Score: 0.73 ml / cm2 (0.17 oz / in2)

Lying Down Rating: 8
The Attends Regular Plus diaper performed quite well while laying down. The first wetting was completely absorbed within a few minutes. There was some temporary rear surface dampness but that went away. In the second wetting there was a bit more rear surface dampness but again no leakage and it eventually wicked through to the unused padding. The diaper became noticeably saturated on the third wetting, but, surprisingly, the leak guards held all the moisture in and there was no obvious leakage. The rear padding was completely saturated on the 4th wetting but there was only a very small leak and only when I shifted. This diaper just did not want to leak while lying down and the leak guards performed remarkably. I feel it could reliably contain up to 3 wettings while lying down but surface dampness could make it uncomfortable by the third.

2.3 Pattern of Used vs Unused Padding Test Stand/Sit (right) Lying Down (left)

Daily Wear and Bedwetting

The Attends Slip Regular Plus 10 may be the best Attends brand product I’ve tested so far. It has a smooth soft plastic outer backsheet and comfortable padding. This diaper performs right up there with other premium adult diapers with absorbency similar to that of the Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi, but I’ve found the leak guards on this diaper are more effective and it’s less susceptible to minor leaks from pressout. The Attends Slip Regular Plus also stands out for its very effective wicking. A single wetting is quickly dispersed through the padding preventing areas of pooling, which makes it less likely to leak under pressout (e.g. when seated). This diaper is equally well suited for both daily wear or overnight wear. It fits the wearer snugly and has a higher quality rear waistband than its Tena counterpart. When worn overnight, the extensive rear padding coverage and strong leak guards allow it to take up to 3 wettings before leakage will be a concern. The only potential downside in daily wear is that the tapes don’t have a large area of coverage and may slide when worn during active wear (though I’ve never had it happen). Another thing to keep in mind is that this diaper swells a lot when wet, so the diaper may appear much larger after 1~2 wettings. In terms of daily wear it can handle 2 wettings without pressout leakage being a concern upon sitting. When wet it remains comfortable and does a pretty good job at heat distribution. Overall, this is a well rounded diaper that consistently provides good absorption and leak protection for 2~3 wettings.

Suitability for Bowel Incontinence: 8

The Attends Slip Regular Plus is a good choice for those with bowel incontinence. This diaper is full featured with a rear waistband and plastic-backing to reduce odors. The tapes may be a little on the weak side but in testing they didn’t prove to be a problem. On the plus side, this diaper has an extensive area of rear padding and strong inner leak guards. It’s also more spacious than the Tena Slip Active Fit Ultra.

Wear & Tear Tests


The Attends Slip Regular Plus features two small double-tape fasteners per side, allowing the diaper to be detached and reattached in the same position. The tapes are relatively small and don’t have a super strong adhesive so they can often be repositioned without tearing the backsheet if done immediately after the initial placement.

3.1 Attends Slip Regular Plus Fastener

Ease-of-Use Rating: 7

I found the Attends Slip Regular Plus to be somewhat similar to the Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi for ease-of-use. This diaper is larger than the Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi so it’s a bit easier to attach the tapes; however, the tapes are also a bit weaker than those of the Tena diaper. The padding is extensive and if you get the tapes right it isn’t tough to get a snug fit. One potential issue I’ve found is that sometimes the plastic bit the tapes are initially placed on can get pulled up when you remove the tape, which would prevent the user from being able to attach it to the backsheet. On the flip side, when removing the tapes sometimes it can pull the entire double tape off. Aside from that, the diaper features a rear waistband to help wrap the diaper around the wearer’s figure. Removing this diaper shouldn’t be an issue and I feel all around it’s about average for a plastic-backed diaper in terms of ease-of-use.

3.2 Attends Slip Regular Plus Diaper Fit


Comfort Rating (dry): 9
The Attends Slip Regular Plus has both very soft padding and a very soft plastic backsheet. It also performs very well in terms of heat dispersion for a high absorbency plastic-backed diaper. The leg gathers are a little less comfortable than the Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi. The padding itself isn’t rigid like some high absorbency diapers, keeping it quite flexible for activity. Moreover, the padding is resistant to clumping or tearing.

Comfort Rating (wet): 9
The Attends Slip Regular Plus felt similar to the Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi in terms of comfort when wet. This diaper does a great job at resisting surface dampness and you wouldn’t notice much until the 2nd or 3rd wetting. It is perhaps a little less breathable than the Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi, but provides better leak protection and I still found it did a decent job at dispersing heat buildup. The padding also held together quite well during testing with little in the way of clumping or tearing.

3.3 Attends Slip Regular Plus Topsheet and Backsheet


Dry Padding Deterioration Proportion: 1.7% (topsheet), 2.3% (backsheet)
Shake Deterioration Test: 6 shakes to deterioration

Durability Rating (dry): 9
The Attends Slip Regular Plus was excellent when it came to dry durability. It held up for over 10 hours of wear with minimal padding deterioration. I found its performance again to be similar to the Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi. At the end of the test the padding had no trouble with multiple wettings as evidence of how well it held up. My primary complaint with the diaper in terms of durability is that the tapes don’t have the best adhesive; it feels a bit flimsy but oddly enough I’ve never had them come detached on me.

Durability Rating (wet): 8
The Attends Slip Regular Plus performed surprisingly well in the wet shake test, only failing after 6 shakes. Moreover, during real world testing this diaper proved quite durable with very little padding clumping or tearing. The only potential issue was that the tapes are somewhat weak and may start to fail with the increasing weight of a wet diaper, but I didn’t have too much of an issue with that. Again I rank it similar to the Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi in terms of durability, though perhaps it would be slightly less resilient in active wear. In terms of avoiding pressout leakage I feel this diaper was a little better

3.4 Attends Slip Regular Plus Dry Test Deterioration

Discretion Tests


Front Rise Above Waistline (Jeans, Sweatpants): 4.0 cm (1.6"), 4.5 cm (1.8")
Back Rise Above Waistline (Jeans, Sweatpants): 6.5 cm (2.6"), 5 cm (2")
Side Rise Above Waistline (Jeans, Sweatpants): 5.5 cm (2.2"), 5.5 cm (2.2")

Profile Discretion Rating: 8
The Attends Slip Regular Plus doesn’t sag but rather fits quite snuggly reducing the diaper’s impact on profile. The diaper’s flexible padding/backsheet means that it will conform to any tighter clothing worn over it. The padding itself isn’t too thick when dry, but it can swell up considerably when wet and that could cause a diaper bulge. I wouldn’t say it’s as easy to hide as the Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi, but it’s not that far off and its level of profile discretion is impressive for its absorbency.

4.1 Attends Slip Regular Plus Jeans Profile (left) vs Normal Underwear (right)

4.2 Attends Slip Regular Plus Sweatpants Profile (left) vs Normal Underwear (right)


Noise Rating: 6
The Attends Slip Regular Plus won’t win any awards for noise discretion. The diaper’s plastic is soft and flexible but produces a very distinctive crinkling noise. It feels like it’s somewhere between the Certainty Adult Diaper and Depends Protection with Tabs in terms of noise discretion. It may be possible to dampen the noise a little by wearing underwear or meshpants over top. Otherwise, this diaper would be quite noticeable in a quiet room.

4.3 Attends Slip Regular Plus Noise Profile

Odor Reduction

Odor Reduction Rating: 10
The Attends Slip Regular Plus is easily among the best diapers for odor reduction. The diaper itself doesn’t have any significant fragrance but it does an excellent job at containing them. It seems like this is due to a combination of factors. The snug fitting design certainly helps some but it seems like the padding itself prevents the release of odors.

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