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As we expand our range of diaper reviews we're always looking for suggestions for future reviews. There's now a form where visitors can suggest diapers to review. We plan on keeping a list of requests here and will incorporate them into our reviews whenever we can acquire the requested product. Since we've had trouble sourcing some products at a reasonable price, harder to find products (we're in Canada) may take awhile to review. If there's interest, we're looking at accepting donations here to help acquire diapers that are very expensive to ship or have a very high unit price.

If anyone is interested in helping contribute to our next reviews we've compiled some Amazon wish lists that include the review suggestions below or similar products. Alternatively, if you'd like to help support our reviews at no cost simply use our Adult Diapers affiliate link when you make your next purchase of incontinence supplies through Amazon. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

p.s. Amazon.ca has the best shipping rates here, but relatively limited product selection, apologies if there are shipping costs on the others


Amazon Germany Review Suggestions Wish List

Amazon France Review Suggestions Wish List

Suggested Diaper Reviews


Equate/Assurance Stretch Briefs (Walmart Brand)

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Assurance-Incontinence-Stretch-Briefs-With-Tabs-Unisex-S-M-40-Ct/127273986

CVS Health Fitted Briefs (CVS Brand)

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://www.cvs.com/shop/cvs-health-day-night-maximum-absorbency-fitted-briefs-prodid-163094

Forsite Under the Sea

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://agecomfort.com/products/forsite-under-the-sea-max-adult-briefs.html

Fabsense City Print

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://agecomfort.com/products/fab-sense-adult-briefs-city-print.html

Incontrol Elite Hybrid (Barnyard)

Status: Reviewed
Link: https://blog.diapermetrics.com/2021/11/rearz-barnyardincontrol-elite-hybrid.html

Beyond XP5000

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://www.xpmedical.com/xp-byd-xp5000-config-xp

ABU Simple

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://us.abuniverse.com/product/whi/

Tykables Camelots

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://tykables.com/products/camelot-diapers?variant=31754233282633

ABU BareBum

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://us.abuniverse.com/product/bbv/

Total Dry Plus

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://totaldry.com/totaldry-plus-fitted-briefs-plastic.html

ABU PreSchool

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://us.abuniverse.com/product/prp/

Incontrol Essential

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://incontroldiapers.com/incontrol-essential-incontinence-briefs/

Incontrol Inspire Original

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://incontroldiapers.com/incontrol-inspire-original-incontinence-briefs/

Incontrol Active Air

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://incontroldiapers.com/incontrol-active-air-incontinence-briefs/

Incontrol Premium Nights

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://incontroldiapers.com/incontrol-premium-night-briefs/

Rearz Select

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://rearz.ca/select-abdl-diapers/

Dry Direct Maxi Overnight Brief

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://www.parentgiving.com/shop/dry-direct-maxi-overnight-brief-9301/p/

ABU Little Kings

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://us.abuniverse.com/product/lkg/

Pampers Size 8

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/302153799

Rearz Alpaca

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://rearz.ca/rearz-alpaca-overnight-diapers/

Ontex iD - Expert Slip Maxi Prime Medium

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://www.smartlifetime.com/expert-slip-maxi-prime-medium-15-all-in-one-briefs.html

ABU AlphaGatorZ

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://us.abuniverse.com/product/agz/

Cloudrys Toys Print Diapers

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://abdlfactory.com/cloudrys-toys-print-diapers-plastic-backed

Tena ProSkin Flex Maxi Belted Diapers

Status: Reviewed
Link: https://blog.diapermetrics.com/2022/11/tena-proskin-flex-maxi.html

Little Rascals V2 Diapers

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://www.nru.co.uk/nru-little-rascals-v2

Littleforbig Adult Diapers

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08VW9TDLY?th=1

Molicare Slip Maxi (new single fold)

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://agecomfort.com/products/molicare-maxi-brief.html

Tena Complete +Care

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://shop.tena.us/complete-plus-care-briefs/6996069970,en_US,pd.html


1) Standardize Lab Test Volume and Pressout
The current plan is to introduce a new lab test in addition to the existing one for each of the diapers tested so far as well as future tests. The current test will be kept as is for consistency but the new tests (expected some time next year) will reduce variability in volume and pressout. More to come in a future blog post.

2) Gather statistics into at a glance spreadsheet
We currently have a project in progress to move all the statistics collected from our reviews into a single interactive web site. This will make it easier to browse all statistics collected. It's been a bit delayed as we've prioritized getting reviews out faster (they take a surprising amount of time), but it may be ready some time next year.

3) Compare fit/profile of post capacity test to dry profile/fit
There's currently a plan to include this in future reviews, together with the standardized volume/press out. Hopefully, some time this year. The existing reviews will be retroactively updated when this new set of tests/metrics begins.

4) Assess performance when sleeping on belly or side
I'll try to incorporate this into future reviews.

5) Data table for product comparison
I'm planning a preliminary table soon with the annual product comparison. A more user-friendly table will come when I have time to prioritizing upgrading the site.

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