Diaper Review Suggestions

As we expand our range of diaper reviews we're always looking for suggestions for future reviews. There's now a form where visitors can suggest diapers to review. We plan on keeping a list of requests here and will incorporate them into our reviews whenever we can acquire the requested product. Since we've had trouble sourcing some products at a reasonable price, harder to find products (we're in Canada) may take awhile to review. If there's interest, we're looking at accepting donations here to help acquire diapers that are very expensive to ship or have a very high unit price. In that case we would show the target needed to make the purchase and keep it open to donations until the target has been met with full transparency on status.

Suggested Diaper Reviews


Equate/Assurance Stretch Briefs (Walmart Brand)

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Assurance-Incontinence-Stretch-Briefs-With-Tabs-Unisex-S-M-40-Ct/127273986

CVS Health Fitted Briefs (CVS Brand)

Status: Pending Purchase
Link: https://www.cvs.com/shop/cvs-health-day-night-maximum-absorbency-fitted-briefs-prodid-163094

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