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Tranquility ATN (M) Adult Diaper Review

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Tranquility ATN is a moderately absorbent adult diaper with comfortable plastic backing and reasonable price point. This should be fine for most nights. However, it will only take 1~2 wettings before it begins to leak and I wouldn’t recommend it for extended wear without a booster pad.

Key Features:
  • Refastenable tapes
  • Plastic-backing
  • Standing inner leak guards

  • Comfortable interior and backing
  • Availability (often available in home healthcare stores)
  • Very affordable for a diaper that can consistently take a full wetting without leaking
  • Easy to hide under clothing when dry

  • Padding clumps when wet
  • Will leak on the third wetting
  • Might be a little warm to wear in hot weather

Product Details

For the purpose of this post I will be reviewing and referring to the medium-sized Tranquility ATN diaper. However, other available sizes are listed below.


Brand: Tranquility
Manufacturer: Principle Business Enterprises
Origin: USA
Units Per Bag: 12
Cost Per Unit: $$
Dimensions (L x W x H): 27 cm (10.6”) x 17 cm (6.7”) x 24 cm (9.5”)
Weight: 1.2 kg (2.7 lbs)
Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Advertised Absorbency: Maximum (27.5 oz / 812 ml)

1.1 Tranquility ATN Packaging


Backsheet: Plastic (Poly)
Wetness Indicator: Yes (yellow line down the middle, turns blue when wet)
Standing Inner Leak Guards: Yes
Leg Gathers: Yes
Product Style: Tab-Style Brief
Refastenable Tabs: Yes
Number of Tapes: 2
Repositionable Tabs: No
Outer Color: White
Inner Color: Peach/White Wings
Front Waistband: No
Rear Waistband: No
Folded Thickness: 2.4 cm (0.94”)
Folded Length: 24 cm (9.5”)
Dry Weight: 105 g (3.7 oz)
Fragrance: None
Diaper Dimensions (L x fW x mW x bW):
77 cm (30.3”) x 61 cm (24”) x 23 cm (9.1”) x 60 cm (23.6”)
Wing Shape (Front, Rear): Rectangular, Rectangular
Padding Dimensions (L x fW x mW x bW):
61 cm (24”) x 36 cm (14”) x 15 cm (5.9”) x 36 cm (14.2”)
Padding Wing Dimensions (fPW x fPH x bPW x bPH):
10.5 cm (4.1”) x 14 cm (5.5”) x 10.5 cm (4.1”) x 18 cm (7.1”) (height averaged)
Padding Wing Shape (Front, Rear): Rectangular, Rectangular
Total Padding Area: 1587 cm2 (246 in2)
Tape Spacing (t1 x t2): 3 cm (1.2”) x 20 cm (7.9”)
Tape (W x L): 2.5 cm (0.98") x 4 cm (1.57")

1.2 Tranquility ATN Diaper

Laboratory Absorbency Tests

Total Absorption Volume (after press out): 875 ml (30.9 oz)
Total Absorption Volume (before press out): 915 ml (32.3 oz)
Time to Absorb Wettings (first to last): (56 s, 128 s, 116 s, 104 s)
Wet Folded Thickness: 4.5 cm (1.77 in)
Used to Total Padding Ratio: 75%
Total Padding to Absorbency Ratio: 875 ml / 1587 cm2 = 0.55 ml / cm2  (0.13 oz / in2)
Press Out Volume: 40 ml (1.41 oz)

Surface Dampness Rating: 8
Prior to the point of leakage very little dampness was observed when pressing a paper towel against the recently wet diaper during each phase of the capacity test. There were small amounts of moisture so I can’t give it a 10 but the absorbent material was very effective at keeping moisture from working its way out.

2.1 Wet vs Dry Diaper After Capacity Test

2.2 Used vs Unused Padding After Capacity Test

"Real World" Absorbency Tests

Posture Tests


Total Absorbed Volume: 965 ml (34 oz)
Total Wettings: 3 (1 standing, 2 sitting)
Leaked After Sitting: No
Used to Total Padding Ratio: 97%
Padding to Absorbency Score: 965 ml / 1587 cm2 = 0.61 ml / cm2 (0.14 oz / in2)

Standing-Sitting Rating: 7
The ATN was easily able to take a full void standing up (although I suspect it would have leaked upon sitting down immediately after). I didn't anticipate it would hold out on the first wetting while seated, but again it performed surprisingly well. It wasn't until the 3rd wetting that it became noticeably damp and clearly started to leak. Based on this test I would say that the ATN can easily take 1~2 voids while standing or seated, depending on how active the wearer is and assuming the tapes are properly fastened (top and bottom over the padding facing inward toward each other).

Lying Down

Total Absorbed Volume: 965 ml (34 oz)
Total Wettings: 3
Used to Total Padding Ratio: 97%
Padding to Absorbency Score: 965 ml / 1587 cm2 = 0.61 ml / cm2 (0.14 oz / in2)

Lying Down Rating: 7
The ATN was effective when lying down and, surprisingly, achieved virtually the same results as the above test (perhaps owing to very effective wicking). The first wetting was absorbed quickly and barely any dampness was noticed. There was considerably more dampness after the second wetting but because of the snug fit and padding distribution the diaper was easily able to contain it while lying down. The diaper began to fail on the third wetting with leakage out of the back and was very damp by that point. By the third wetting virtually the entire area of padding was used. Based on this test I would say the ATN can easily take 2 voids lying down.

2.3 Pattern of Used vs Unused Padding Test Stand/Sit (right) / Lying Down (left)

Daily Wear and Bedwetting

As the name implies, the ATN might be best suited for overnight wear. In my opinion this isn't due to its absobency, which should be fine for daytime use and may even be a little less than desired for overnight use, instead the primary problem that will crop up during daytime use is that the padding just wasn't designed for wear/tear in an active individual. On a day with low activity I'd say it would still be a fine choice, but when active it might be better to go with something a little more durable (particularly when wet). That said, if you're going for discretion the ATN is quite discreet. Moreover, no pinhole leaks were observed in the ATN and the outer plastic back holds up well and is not suspectible to the damp feeling that can accompany many cloth-backed diapers. As far as overnight usage is concerned, I'd recommend this so long as you don't go more than 10 hours without a change. The ATN can get sweaty in warmer conditions, but the topsheet does a good job at keeping the skin clean and it will not easily lead to rashes.

Suitability for Bowel Incontinence: 7

The Tranquility ATN diaper should be decent choice for bowel incontinence. It has a plastic-backsheet and generous rear padding. Additionally, the inner leak guards and peachmat padding should do an excellent job at containment. The main downside is the relatively loose waist, which could easily allow the escape of odors.

Wear & Tear Tests


The Tranquility ATN diaper uses a double tape mechanism to fasten with two tapes per side. The tapes can be attached to any part of the backsheet but the blue bottom tapes cannot be reattached if mistakenly placed. If you don't get it right the first time you can re-attach the white tapes over a different part of the backing but that will prevent further fastening. If you get it right the first time the diaper can be unfastened/refastened multiple times.

3.1 Tranquility ATN Fastener

Easy-of-Use Rating: 7

I've found it's pretty easy to get a snug fit with the ATN and the tapes unfastened relatively easily when needed; this should make it a convenient diaper for changes by caregivers. That said you need to be a bit careful when pulling up the bottom tape as you might dislodge the top tape. The ATN padding is relatively soft and flexible which means it has a decent fit between the legs and won't significantly disrupt movement. If it also had waistbands to ensure a closer fit at the waist I'd certainly give the ATN an 8 or 9 for fitting due to the ease at which you can achieve a snug fit.

Note: the bottom tape in the image below is sitting a bit below the ideal location for a good fit; ideally it should be fastened just above that over the padding closer to the top tape.

3.2 Tranquility ATN Fit


Comfort Rating (dry): 8
The ATN topsheet isn't the softest I've tried, however it's soft enough that I rarely felt uncomfortable wearing it and often barely even notice it. The backsheet is a soft/smooth plastic and doesn't really chafe against the skin. I can't quite give the ATN a 9 or 10 rating in dry comfort because it can get a little warm during warm conditions and the topsheet could be a little softer but it makes up for that in other areas.

Comfort Rating (wet): 7
The ATN isn't quite as good when worn wet, after a while the padding will start to clump and it will start to feel clammy. That said, I only noticed this on the second wetting and after a single wetting it doesn't feel considerably different than it does when dry. If worn for bed wetting you likely won't feel whether the ATN is wet in the morning without checking the wetness indicator. On the second or third wetting its ability to moisture slows down and you will feel the wetness for at least a few minutes.

3.3 Tranquility ATN Topsheet and Backsheet


Dry Padding Deterioration Proportion: 8% (topsheet), 5% (backsheet)
Shake Deterioration Test: 3 shakes to deterioration

Durability Rating (dry): 7
The ATN held out relatively well during the dry durability test. I was able to remove and replace the tapes multiple times and they continued to hold without losing stickiness. The backsheet had no visible signs of damage.The primary concern was that the padding began to deteriorate at the diaper's mid-section and below the front tapes (see figure 3.4). I also found the wetness indicator to be highly reactive to even small amounts of involuntary post void dribbling; consequently the sight of blue in the wetness indicator might not necessarily indicate a full wetting has occurred.

Durability Rating (wet): 6
The ATN was far less durable when wet; padding was more prone to clumping and it failed very quickly on the shake test. I wouldn't consider this a problem if it's worn overnight or can be changed quickly but it might not be the best choice for an active individual during the day.

3.4 Tranquility ATN Dry Test Deterioration

Discretion Tests


Front Rise Above Waistline (Jeans, Sweatpants): 5.5 cm (2.17"), 6.5 cm (2.56")
Back Rise Above Waistline (Jeans, Sweatpants): 1.5 cm (0.59"), 3 cm (1.18")
Side Rise Above Waistline (Jeans, Sweatpants): 3 cm (1.18"), 3 cm (1.18")

Profile Discretion Rating: 8
For the level of protection the ATN provides it is very discreet when dry. It will stick above the waistline of most pants, but as you can see from the images below it results in very little obvious bulge when worn under most pants. It would likely be noticeable under very tight fitting pants but you won't get anywhere near this level of production with a product that isn't; I've factored this consideration into my profile discretion rating because nothing is less discreet than a major leak.

4.1 Tranquility ATN Jeans Profile (left) vs Normal Underwear Jeans (right)

4.2 Tranquility ATN Sweatpants Profile (left) vs Normal Underwear Sweatpants (right)


Noise Rating: 6
The plastic backing on the ATN probably isn't the loudest you'll find on the market but it does produce a distinct crinkling sound under clothing. With underwear or mesh pants and thicker clothing this likely would be barely noticeable, but with thin clothing in a very quiet room you'd likely hear it. In figure 4.3 you'll see the observed waveform of crinkling produced by the ATN when shifting from sitting to standing multiple times nearby in a very quiet room.

4.3 Tranquility ATN Sit-Stand Noise Profile

Odor Reduction

Odor Reduction Rating: 7
The ATN has no fragrance and the padding / backing emit-little-to-no odors. The padding of the ATN was designed with neutralizing odors in mind. Immediately after a wetting I detected no noticeable odor from the ATN; however, I have noticed a slight odor in the odd case. When the padding becomes saturated it will likely emit odors. For that reason I can't give it a perfect score, but it's pretty darned close.

Want to give the Tranquility ATN a try?

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