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NorthShore Supreme Lite Adult Diaper Review

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The NorthShore Supreme Lite is the lower absorbency counterpart to the NorthShore Supreme, a premium European diaper. Both are imported and branded by NorthShore and both feature a plastic-backsheet that comes in plain-white, purple, green and blue. This diaper has the same high quality build as its counterpart but about half the absorbency. It also should be noted that only the white versions feature a wetness indicator. Unfortunately, this diaper appears to have been discontinued so the only stock left is being sold off as clearance. However, the NorthShore Supreme is still available, has the same great features, and provides far better protection.

Key Features:

  • Plastic-like backsheet
  • Refastenable tapes
  • Standing inner leak barriers
  • Rear waistband


  • Flexible/comfortable padding
  • Durable design
  • Comes in multiple colors


  • Relatively low absorbency
  • Discontinued

Product Details

For the purpose of this post I will be reviewing and referring to the medium-sized NorthShore Supreme Lite Diaper. However, other available sizes are listed below:


Brand: NorthShore
Manufacturer: NorthShore Care Supply
Origin: EU
Units Per Bag: 12
Cost Per Unit: $$$
Dimensions (L x W x H): 36 cm (14.2") x 16 cm (6.3") x 24 cm (9.5")
Weight: 1.9 kg (4.2 lbs)
Available Sizes: M, L
Advertised Absorbency: Moderate

1.1 NorthShore Supreme Lite Packaging


Backsheet: Plastic (poly)
Wetness Indicator: Yes (only for the white version)
Standing Inner Leak Guards: Yes
Leg Gathers: Yes
Product Style: Tab-Style Brief
Refastenable Tabs: Yes
Number of Tapes: 2
Repositionable Tabs: No
Outer Color: Purple (with multi-sized white dots)
Inner Color: White
Front Waistband: No
Rear Waistband: Yes
Folded Thickness: 2.5 cm (1")
Folded Length: 23 cm (9.1")
Dry Weight: 125 g (4.4 oz)
Fragrance: No
Diaper Dimensions (L x fW x mW x bW): 77 cm (30.3") x 68 cm (26.8") x 30 cm (11.8") x 60 cm (23.2")
Wing Shape (Front, Rear): Rectangular, Rectangular
Padding Dimensions (L x fW x mW x bW): 59 cm (23.2") x 29 cm (11.4") x 17 cm (6.7") x 28 cm (11")
Padding Wing Dimensions (fPW x fPH x bPW x bPH): 6 cm (2.4") x 11 cm (4.3") x 5.5 cm (2.2") x 14 cm (5.5")
Padding Wing Shape (Front, Rear): Semicircle, Semicircle
Total Padding Area: 1289 cm2 (200 in2)
Tape Spacing (t1 x t2): 3 cm (1.2") x 13 cm (5.1")
Tape (W x L): 2.5 cm (1") x 4 cm (1.6")


1.2 NorthShore Supreme Lite Diaper

Laboratory Absorbency Tests

Total Absorption Volume (after press out): 925 ml (32.6 oz)
Total Absorption Volume (before press out): 975 ml (34.4 oz)
Time to Absorb Wettings (first to last): (66 s, 50 s, 42 s, 54 s)
Wet Folded Thickness: 4 cm (1.6")
Used to Total Padding Ratio: 92%
Total Padding to Absorbency Ratio: 0.72 ml / cm2 (0.16 oz / in2)
Press Out Volume: 50 ml (1.8 oz)

Surface Dampness Rating: 6

Surface dampness is one area where the NorthShore Supreme Lite falls well short of the more absorbent NorthShore Supreme. In lab testing this was apparent even after the first wetting and was considerable by the second and third. In real world testing, I didn’t find it quite as bad as some other low absorbency diapers as there was little in the way of pooling and the padding is very effective at wicking.

2.1 Wet vs Dry Diaper After Capacity Test

2.2 Used vs Unused Padding After Capacity Test

"Real World" Absorbency Tests

Posture Tests


Total Absorbed Volume: 750 ml (26.5 oz)
Total Wettings: (1 standing, 1 sitting)
Leaked After Sitting: No
Used to Total Padding Ratio: 98%
Padding to Absorbency Score: 0.58 ml / cm2 (0.13 oz / in2)

Standing-Sitting Rating: 7
The NorthShore Supreme Lite performed about in line with expectations for a lower absorbency diaper when tested standing and sitting. The first wetting while standing was easily absorbed with no signs of leakage and only very brief pooling with little apparent surface dampness afterwards. There was no sign of leaks upon sitting shortly after and no pressout moisture. However, the second wetting while seated resulted in a lot of pooling against the front of the diaper, which forced its way into the wings and leaked out the sides. At this point the diaper had clearly hit its limit and I would say it can consistently absorb a single wetting during daily wear but I wouldn’t push it past that, which lines up with its ‘lite’ qualifier.

Lying Down

Total Absorbed Volume: 750 ml (26.5 oz)
Total Wettings: 2
Used to Total Padding Ratio: 95%
Padding to Absorbency Score: 0.58 ml / cm2 (0.13 oz / in2)

Lying Down Rating: 7

The NorthShore Supreme Lite performed reasonably well for a lower absorbency diaper when tested while lying down. The first wetting was fully absorbed with no signs of leakage and any pooling was very brief. Moisture quickly spread through the padding and was well directed by the leak guards. The diaper still felt fairly comfortable at this point and dampness wasn’t too noticeable after absorption. On the second wetting there was a substantial leak out the back and rear leg gathers which came as the result of considerable pooling. At this point the padding had clearly hit capacity with no room left for absorption and the only unsaturated padding was a small amount at the very front. Based on these results I have a fair amount of confidence that this diaper will reliably absorb a single wetting while lying down without leakage but you shouldn’t expect more than that.

2.3 Pattern of Used vs Unused Padding Test Stand/Sit (right) Lying Down (left)

Daily Wear and Bedwetting

The NorthShore Supreme Lite proved modestly absorbent during testing. It’s clearly a lower absorbency version of the NorthShore Supreme so this isn’t unexpected, but its proportional protection was what had me curious. It proved less absorbent than I was expecting, far from what I would expect for the price paid (although I understand the pricing was lower at times before it was discontinued). In practice you can expect it to absorb about half as much as the NorthShore Supreme. However, I did find it to be incredibly consistent in this respect. Whether the wetting happened while standing, sitting or lying down I never noticed any leakage on that first wetting, while the second wetting resulted in consistent leaks. This is a high quality diaper in terms of construction just scaled down to the absorption level of the Depend Protection with Tabs or Tena PROskin Stretch Night. Yet, for its capacity I found it to be far more reliable than any of those other lower absorbency diapers. As long as you change after single wetting (or wet only once per night when worn for bedwetting), then this diaper would be a great choice. The construct redirects moisture so it’s quickly and effectively wicked through the padding and the leak guards do an excellent job at containment. It also proved durable and flexible enough for daily wear, though perhaps not with the same level of discreteness you’d get from others like Tena Stretch Super. I imagine this conflicting market positioning is what ultimately resulted in it being discontinued with it unable to compete on either price or absorbency. Fortunately, the NorthShore Supreme is pretty much the same diaper but more absorbent and generally better priced than their MegaMax product line.

Suitability for Bowel Incontinence: 9

The NorthShore Supreme Lite checks the right boxes for dealing with bowel incontinence. It has a plastic-backsheet with waistband and structure that retains a snug fit. Generally it does well at preventing odors, though it’s not quite the best in this regard. The only potential issue one might have is the limited absorbency, but this can also be fine when dealing with only bowel incontinence as you’re going to need to change more frequently anyway.

Wear & Tear Tests


The NorthShore Supreme Lite fits much like the NorthShore Supreme. It has a plastic-backsheet and uses a double-tape mechanism where the tape can be reapplied in the same spot multiple times after the initial fastening. The tapes are of good quality and hold well with wear. Additionally, it features a rear waistband and generous inner leak guards. Sizing is slightly biased toward the smaller end as is typical for European diapers.

3.1 NorthShore Supreme Lite Fastener

Ease-of-Use Rating: 8

This diaper is very near identical to the NorthShore Supreme, it just has less absorbent padding density. I did find the lower density makes it a bit more flexible but not enough that I’d give it an edge in terms of ease-of-use. The non-white versions of this diaper (purple, green, blue) don’t appear to have any sort of wetness indicator, but again I didn’t count that against this because you can always opt for the white version to get that. Otherwise, the waistband and tapes hold up well and are easy to apply/remove and it fits a bit on the small side like its more absorbent counterpart.

3.2 NorthShore Supreme Lite Fit


Comfort Rating (dry): 8

I rank the NorthShore Supreme Lite the same as its more absorbent counterpart when it comes to dry comfort. Both have an identical design. They both feature a snug fit with a solid rear waistband. The padding on this diaper is a bit less stiff and more flexible than the padding on that one, but not so much that I felt it deserved a higher ranking. In terms of breathability it does alright and is pretty good at distributing heat, but nowhere near the best performers in this category, so it could get a bit warm when worn out for warmer weather. Otherwise, I don’t have any real complaints when it comes to dry comfort.

Comfort Rating (wet): 8

The NorthShore Supreme Lite ranks well for comfort when wet. During testing I found the tapes had no trouble holding up to the weight of a wetting (mind you it will only absorb a single wetting without leaks) and surface dampness wasn’t a huge factor. Like its more absorbent counterpart (the NorthShore Supreme), this diaper doesn’t sag and its padding is generally resistant to clumping or tearing. It also has the benefit of the padding becoming a little more flexible when wet, although I didn’t find this to be as big a factor in improving comfort as it was with its thicker, less flexible counterpart.

3.3 NorthShore Supreme Lite Topsheet and Backsheet


Dry Padding Deterioration Proportion: 10.7% (topsheet), 9.7% (backsheet)
Shake Deterioration Test: 4 shakes to deterioration

Durability Rating (dry): 8
The NorthShore Supreme Lite proved less durable than the more absorbent NorthShore Supreme. I suspect this was in large part due to the reduced padding density. The thinner padding made this diaper a little more susceptible to tearing and collapsing between the legs. Even so, it still proved highly durable with no significant deterioration in the core padding. Moreover, the tapes held exceptionally well and continued to hold out well with multiple refastenings. I never noticed it come loose during daily wear and suspect it will hold out fairly well for most activities even if not the most durable diaper on the market.

Durability Rating (wet): 8

The NorthShore Supreme Lite was about as durable in its wet state as it was in its dry state. Again, it wasn’t quite at the durability level of the NorthShore Supreme, which was probably due to its thinner padding. For the most part the padding was highly resistant against clumping and tearing with deterioration only occurring in non-core parts of the padding. Otherwise, the tapes were solid and could be refastened multiple times without losing much strength and there wasn’t any obvious sagging with this diaper. I wouldn’t be too worried about this diaper for active wear, even when wet, so long as you could ensure a change before the second wetting.

3.4 NorthShore Supreme Lite Dry Test Deterioration

Discretion Tests


Front Rise Above Waistline (Jeans, Sweatpants): 5 cm (2"), 6 cm (2.4")
Back Rise Above Waistline (Jeans, Sweatpants): 6 cm (2.4"), 3 cm (1.2")
Side Rise Above Waistline (Jeans, Sweatpants): 4 cm (1.6"), 3 cm (1.2")

Profile Discretion Rating: 6

The NorthShore Supreme Lite was slightly less noticeable than its more absorbent counterpart. It would still require some care to hide under clothing (e.g. with the assistance of meshpants or underwear). It could realistically worn out with non-tight fitting outfits but you wouldn’t want to push it. The purple coloration of the diaper tested would also be very noticeable where it rises above the waist. It felt like a more vibrant variation of the older Molicare Slip Maxi. However, I didn’t count that against it in this review because the same product could be found in plain white.

4.1 NorthShore Supreme Lite Jeans Profile (left) vs Normal Underwear (right)

4.2 NorthShore Supreme Lite Sweats Profile (left) vs Normal Underwear (right) 


Noise Rating: 5

This diaper was proved a bit noisier than the regular NorthShore Supreme, with the crinkling sound of the plastic-backsheet more apparent when standing up, sitting down or walking. It’s not so much that it couldn’t be suppressed with additional clothing holding it in place. What’s interesting is that the slight gain in profile discretion with thinner padding actually resulted in a slight decrease in noise discretion; something I’ve found is typical, as thicker padding absorbs more noise and holds the backsheet in place better.

4.3 NorthShore Supreme Lite Noise Profile

Odor Reduction

Odor Reduction Rating: 8
I never found odors to be an issue while testing this diaper. The plastic backsheet and snug fitting design do a great job at preventing odors from escaping. It also feels like the padding has some built-in odor neutralizing abilities like the NorthShore Supreme and many other European diapers. My primary concern would be the lower absorbency and tendency for surface dampness leading to the formation of odors, but generally I think you’d need to change before that became an issue.

Want to give the NorthShore Supreme Lite Briefs a try?

Unfortunately the NorthShore Supreme Lite has been discontinued but you can still find the more absorbent version. Help us continue to produce quality reviews by making a purchase through our NorthShore Supreme affiliate link. With every purchase this blog will earn a small amount of commission at no extra cost to the purchaser.

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